Our Work

School can inspire and engage. Classes can offer relevant learning experiences and students can develop the skills most valued by employers. Transformed schools exist today.

 At New Tech Network, students are problem solvers and creators. They learn to collaborate and communicate. Through challenging, authentic projects, they learn to adapt and engage in the world around them.

 New Tech Network (NTN) is a leading design partner for comprehensive school change. NTN works closely with districts and schools to create innovative learning environments. Through a proven school model, a project-based learning platform, and powerful professional development we coach schools toward lasting change and ongoing improvement.

The New Tech Model for school success is based on four design pillars

+ Culture that Empowers

  • By making learning relevant and creating a collaborative learning culture, students become connected to, engaged with, and challenged by their school, their teachers and their peers.

+ Teaching that Engages

  • Through project-based learning, students become problem-solvers.

+ Technology that Enables

  • Through a technology-rich environment, teachers and students create, communicate, access information, and experience self-directed learning

+ Outcomes that Matter

  • Learning outcomes also measure collaboration, written and oral communication, and students’ responsibility for their own learning. Performance assessments measure the knowledge and thinking of students to help them become proficient in producing college-level work.

                  There are nearly 200 schools in 28 states and Australia in the New Tech Network.                 Visit a school today! http://www.newtechnetwork.org/engage/tours

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